The objectives

ESCG-Marges is a non-profit association whose bylaws were published in the Belgian Monitor under the number 18535/91

The objectives followed by the Association are described in Article 3 of the bylaws:

« To contribute to the creation of the conditions enabling the greatest number of people to exercise responsible citizenship, by favoring the recognition and argued comparison of points of view and by promoting the knowledge and usage of the mechanisms for participating in the social, cultural, economic and political life

To make its competencies known, put them to good use and be responsive to the political, economic, social and cultural circles capable of contributing to its projects.

The association mainly seeks to achieve its object through teaching and communication activities, by notably contributing to: a higher level of competency in the area of evaluating the needs regarding education for development, for the development of prospective and evaluative practices of cultural, political, economic and social realities accompanying development, and the availability of information and recommendations

The international opening of the association is expressed as much through the curricula it develops as through its wish to appeal to students the world over. To accomplish its missions, the association establishes contacts it deems opportune with public or private organizations, in Belgium and abroad… ».

Within the context of its object, ESCG has elaborated many class programs in the areas of communication, management and development. L’Ecole has participated, and participates, in many events: mini-enterprise contests, foreign-student parliaments, debate conferences, aid for development actions … Each year it organizes a writing contest.